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Innovation in medical technology has never been so bright with so many opportunities. Navigating the regulatory hurdles efficiently and cost effectively is key to ensuring they see the light of the day and both patients and manufacturers can reap the rewards.

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Zomelele Transition Specialists access expertise across the range of offered services and through consolidation, provide value-based outcomes for small enterprise to achieve recognition by the large organizations that procure Medtech products.

failure is not an option

Ensuring you have key knowledge available to your business is key. Often, a decision is made at the beginning of the project to for go consulting advice at the risk to the project and the business. Gaining advice and a clear understanding of the regulatory pathway as early on in a project as possible will save both time and money later on down the line.

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Our portfolio of services help our clients achieve high-impact results through insights

  • SAHPRA Licensing
  • ISO 13485 compliance
  • NAPPI Codes
  • PIN applications
  • HTA submissions
  • Provincial Government
  • Private Sector Groups
  • Compliance Management
  • Code of Ethical Marketing and Business practices
  • POPI Act & Privacy compliance
  • Compliance with CRICE & CSSD processing
  • Import processes
  • Tendering & RFQ submissions
  • Training
  • Contact facilitation
  • Business accounting
  • Personal Finance Management
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Total Supply Chain Management